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Residential Cleaning

Give your home some shine.

Flexible scheduling and customized cleaning packages.

Residential Cleaning

Standard Cleaning.

Our standard includes: exteriors of kitchen appliances,sink and faucet.

Dusting surfaces. Mopping, sweeping hard floors,

Vacuuming carpets. Clean/disinfect bathrooms, shower, tubs, toilet, mirrors, sink/faucet. 

Residential Cleaning

Deep Cleaning.

Our high level of deep cleaning service includes:

kitchen: stove,microwave,refrigerator inside/outside & Cabinets outside (inside if empty only) Clean/disinfect all surfaces.

Bathrooms: Remove soil from shower/tubs, tile, counter-top, toilets, floors, sinks and faucet, remove hard water from shower doors, clean mirrors and vanities.

All other areas: Dusting (ceiling fans, hard surfaces, light fixtures), mopping (hard floors), vacuuming ( All carpeted area), Windows inside only.

Residential Cleaning

Special Cleaning:

Residential Cleaning

Move-in / Move-out Cleaning.

Eliminate the stress of cleaning when you move let us handle that for you. This service includes all aspects of a deep cleaning.

Commercial & Construction Cleaning.

Commercial & Construction Cleaning

Tile and Floor Maintenance.

Commercial & Construction Cleaning

Carpet VLM (Very low moisture carpet cleaning)

Gym Rubber Floor Cleaning.

Commercial & Construction Cleaning

Construction Clean up.

Pre and Post construction cleaning.

Commercial & Construction Cleaning

Office Cleaning.

Industries we serve.



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